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CASE AGENT. This is an ideal position for retired law enforcement looking for a fun and exciting job where you can work with former LEO. This position consists of telephonic interviews, requesting surveillance teams to watch locations, monitoring electronic surveillance assets, and interviewing associates of fugitives.

PRE-INVESTIGATIONS. This is a remote worker position, ideal for LEO, Dispatchers, and Civilian Staff looking to augment their income while on leave. This position consists of data entry, public records requests, and records searches.

LITIGATION COORDINATOR. This is a remote worker position, ideal for district attorney's and public defenders on temporary leave who wish to augment their income. This position reviews case notes and court files to identify a legal basis to exonerate bail bonds or to request a extension of time to locate and apprehend a bail fugitive.

IN SERVICE TRAINER. We are consistently seeking instructors to give training on new laws, self defense, and matters related to investigations of fugitives.

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GPS Monitoring of Defendants

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Bounty Hunter Shot in the Face in El Cajon Survives, Recalls Incident

On 03/25/22, at approximately 3:51 PM, the El Cajon Police Department received a call from “Fugitive Warrants,” a private “fugitive recovery” business. The reporting party stated two of their agents (not law enforcement officers) were checking 333 W. Lexington (an abandoned business) for a male adult who was wanted.

At approximately 4:18 PM, the reporting party again called the El Cajon Police Department and stated one of their agents suffered a head wound and a gun was involved. Several El Cajon Police Department officers responded to the scene and located both of the agents outside of the abandoned building at 333 W. Lexington; one of agents was bleeding from his face. Two El Cajon Police officers drove a marked patrol vehicle onto the property and rescued the injured agent, who said he was shot in the face. The agent was transported to a nearby Hartland Fire and Rescue station. The agent had what appeared to be a through and through wound to the side of his face. He was transported by medics to a local hospital for treatment.

The victim and his partner agent stated they entered the building looking for a wanted subject. Once inside, they encountered an unrelated subject, who became confrontational with them. The subject retrieved what they believed was a handgun, at which time one of the agents shot a Taser at the subject. The subject tackled the victim and began to strike him. The victim said the subject then shot him in the face. The other agent reported firing his Taser at the subject to get him off of the victim. Both agents were able to evacuate themselves from the building.

El Cajon Police Department officers established a perimeter around the building and parked an armored vehicle outside of the front door. Call-outs were made into the building and two subjects, one determined to be the suspect, eventually exited and were detained without incident. The suspect had Taser darts embedded in upper torso. Due to the suspect not having a firearm on his person, and not knowing if anybody else was inside the building, the San Diego Sheriff’s Department Bomb Arson Unit was requested to respond with a tactical robot to clear the structure. Additionally, the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department aerial support unit, ASTREA, assisted.

Officers eventually entered the abandoned building and didn’t locate anyone inside. It appeared multiple squatters have been living inside the building. Detectives and officers conducted a search of the building and located evidence related to the incident.

Records checks of the suspect revealed he had an active felony probation violation arrest warrant. After being interviewed by detectives, the suspect was booked into San Diego County Central Jail pursuant to the outstanding arrest warrant.

The injured “Fugitive Warrants” agent was treated at the hospital and released later in the evening.
This investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information regarding this case should contact the El Cajon Police Department at (619) 579-3311.

Bounty Hunter Shot in the Face in El Cajon Survives, Recalls Incident

Bounty Hunter Shot in the Face in El Cajon Survives, Recalls Incident

A bounty hunter was shot in the face Friday in El Cajon after looking for a wanted person in a vacant business, leaving an El Cajon neighborhood on edge.

The search for the person who shot him caused SWAT officers to be called in.

Bounty hunter Jesse Nunez survived, and it isn't the first time his job as a private investigator has put him in the line of fire.

Friday’s incident was the second time Nunez has been involved in a shooting.

Nunez believes the change in bail schedules during the pandemic might be the reason more dangerous people are out on bond.

Nonetheless, it’s a high stakes job no matter what.

Nunez and agents with his company “Fugitive Warrants” entered an abandoned building looking for their fugitive, a man wanted for selling fentanyl.

“The people inside that were with him were also fugitives. We didn’t know who was in there. We just know that our guy was in there,” Nunez said.

While searcing the rooms, one of those fugitives confronted the agents and it turned into a scuffle. Nunez says his agents called police, and the man ran, got a gun and shot him.

Nunez was treated at a hospital and released right away. He says it usually doesn’t escalate to this, except for one other incident a year ago.

A wanted fugitive, Christopher Marquez, shot at Nunez and his partner during an attempted arrest.

As the incident occurred pre-pandemic, the fugitive might not have been out on bail, and bail amounts were no longer set relative to criminal history.

"His bail would have been astronomical but he was able to get out on a fifty thousand dollar bail bond and ended up continuing his criminality to the point where he wanted to kill a police officer," Nunez told NBC 7.

Nunez’s partner was hit and is ok, but that shooting led to a weeks-long man hunt and ended with an 11 hour SWAT stand off and the suspect dead.

Despite this, Nunez says his support system and training at his job are what keep him going.

And, he doesn’t plan on letting up anytime soon.

“It’s unfortunate, it’s unsettling and it’s unpleasant. But it doesn’t mean that I’m going to end my career and not provide for my family.”


NBC News Exclusive ride with Fugitive Warrants as we search for violent armed felons in Southern California - One committed a murder. "One of the elite teams in the industry" - Kitty Alvarado, NBC News

CBS News. Fugitive Warrants Agents search for a bailee suspected of human trafficking while wearing a pre-trial gps monitor. The suspect leads police on a high speed chase before fleeing into a residential neighborhood.

NBC News. Fugitive Warrants Agents provide subject matter consultation for media regarding Bail Recovery Agents. Fugitive Warrants speak about a bail recovery agent who was involved in a shooting in Palm Springs, California.


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ABC News. Christopher Marquez, the man who shot at Fugitive Warrants Agents, leads San Diego Police on a high speed chase while shooting at pursing officers. Police shoot Marquez after an eleven hour stand-off.

FOX NEWS Fugitive Warrants Agents Speak out about death of man who shot at them.

PBS NEWS Police Video of shooting involving suspect wanted by Fugitive Warrants.

By: Jermaine Ong
Posted at 6:25 AM, May 10, 2021 and last updated 10:25 AM, May 10, 2021

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) -- A wanted bail bonds fugitive led Fugitive Warrants Investigators on a pursuit early Monday morning that eventually ended in a crash in the Mountain View area.

Just before 3 a.m., a Agents from Fugitive Warrants attempted to take a fugitive into custody, but he sped off in a black sedan.

A wanted fugitive led bounty hunters on a pursuit early Monday morning that eventually led to a crash in the Mountain View area.