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Staff at Fugitive Warrants have dedicated their entire lives to protecting the communities which they serve. After they faithfully served their communities, staff have joined Fugitive Warrants so they may continue to protect the community by locating and apprehending the predators that prey upon the public.

Our staff of former law enforcement officers provide the essential functions necessary to investigate and apprehend offenders who choose to flee from justice.

With ties to countries all over the world and an ongoing working relationship training law enforcement agencies across most of the world, our staff have the institutional knowledge necessary to investigate any case we accept.

Private Investigator Apprentice
Experience: 15 Years
Degrees: 2nd Yr. Law School; Bachelors in Business Management
Diplomas: Associates in Paralegal Studies
Training/Cert: PC832, PC1299, Active Shooter (DHS), Human Resources Mgmt., Weaponless Defense, Use of Force, and Interview/Investigation Techniques.
Special Skills:

Private Investigator
Experience: Beaumont Police Dept. 15 Years
Training/Cert: Basic Police Academy, Intermediate and Advance Officer Certificate, PC1299, Registered Private Investigator
Special Skills:

Licensed Qualified Manager & Private Investigator
Experience: Deployed to multiple Countries, OCONUS, and provide hosting Country’s Military and Law Enforcement with specialized training as directed by the U.S. Department of State, ATA program. I am currently Vetted by the US State Department for the following:

• Rural Border Tactical Operator (RBPO) – Staff
• Rural Border Tactical Operator (RBPO) – Mentorship
• Rural Border Tactical Operator (RBPO) – Mentorship Team Lead
• Rural Border Tactical Operator (RBPO) – Medical Technician
• Advanced Tactical Operations, Rural and Urban (ATOURS) – Staff
• Tactical Medic (TACMED) - Staff
• Medical First Responder (FRMS) - Staff
• Quick Reactionary Force (QRF) – Staff
• Quick Reactionary Force Mobile Training (QRF) -

Supervisory Border Patrol Agent (SBPA) 10/20/14 to 04/29/2017 (Retirement)
Customs and Border Protection, Office of Border Patrol
San Diego Sector, Special Operation Detachment, Border Patrol Search Trauma and Rescue (BORSTAR)

Special Operation Supervisor (SOS) 09/02/2013 to 10/2/2014)
Customs and Border Protection, Office of Border Patrol
San Diego Sector, Campo Station, Pine Valley California

(A)Assistant Chief Patrol Agent (A) Commander 01/02/2013 to 03/25/2013
Customs and Border Protection, Office of Border Patrol
Special Operation Group/Border Patrol Search, Trauma, and Rescue Unit, El Paso, TX.

Patrol Agent in Charge (PAIC) –SOG/BST Deputy Commander 11/1/2009 to 08/30/2013
Customs and Border Protection, Office of Border Patrol
Special Operation Group/Border Patrol Search Trauma and Rescue, El Paso, TX.

Supervisory Border Patrol Agent 02/2005 to 11/2009
Customs and Border Protection, Office of Border Patrol
Tucson Sector Headquarters, Tucson, AZ.

Supervisory Border Patrol Agent 12/2004 to 02/2005
Customs and Border Protection, Office of Border Patrol
Tucson Sector, Naco Station, Naco, AZ.

Border Patrol Agent 04/1996 to 12/2004
U.S Dept. of Justice, U.S. Border Patrol
Tucson Sector, Nogales Station, Nogales, AZ.

NAVCO Security Systems 01/01/1998 to 04/08/1996
Service Supervisor- Electronic Technician
Security Surveillance Video Systems repair Tech.
Headquarters, Anaheim CA.
(714) 779-7499

US NAVY 03/1983 to 03/1987
Petty Officer Third Class Electronic Technician
USS Kinkaid (DD-965)

Degrees: Palomar Community College, CA.
Some College Coursework completed
24 Semester hours earned (Expected AA 2021)

Diplomas: Associates in Paralegal Studies
Training/Cert: PC832, PC1299, Active Shooter (DHS), Human Resources Mgmt., Weaponless Defense, Use of Force, and Interview/Investigation Techniques.
Special Skills: • Security Clearances held:
o TOP SECRET/SCI Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Customs and Border Protections (CBP) – De-activated 04/29/2017 due to retirement
o TOP SECRET - Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Customs and Border Protections (CBP) – Upgraded to TS/SCI 2013 due to operational needs
o SECRET (D0D) – Deactivated following discharge
• Foreign Language Proficiency: Some Spanish
• Certified Border Patrol Search and Rescue Team (BORSTAR)
• Certified HRST Master/Rappel Master
• San Diego County/State of Calif./National Certified Emergency Medical Technician-B(current)
• EMT-I Arizona, IV therapy, Advanced Airway. Advanced Certification discontinued when transferred to El Paso, TX
• NAEMT Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) Instructor (current)
• NAEMT Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) Second Edition
• NAUI Advanced/Recovery Diver
• American Safety & Health Institute first aid/CPR/AED certified (current)
• Reid Technique- Interview and Interrogation Trained
• Use of Force investigator
• Terrorist Liaison Officer (TLO) between City of San Diego and Border Patrol Special Operation Detachment
• Maritime Law Enforcement Boat operator-
• Urban and Rural Tactical Interdictions
• NEK (Advanced Securities Group) Trained - Special Operations Tactical and Evasive Drivers (SOTED), Force Protection, Vehicle Commandeering, High Speed & Force Protection, Low Traction and Rally, and Peace time captivity.
• California licensed Private Investigator– services provided but not limited to, Surveillance, Counter Surveillance, locate “Skip Tracers” – (People that do not want to be found), and conduct interviews and take statements for Court cases, and undercover work when required

Private Investigator

US. Navy (Drilling Reservist) 2012-2018
Master At Arms 2 Class Petty Officer

As an enlisted military police officer in the Navy Reserves, performed antiterrorism, force protection, physical security, and law enforcement duties on Land and on board US Naval ves­sels . My responsibility as a military police officer is to serve as the Navy's security detail and provide force protection against all enemies both foreign and domestic. Specific duties cur­rently performed are listed below:
• Performed base security patrols.
• Conducted base access and entry control operations.
• Conducted law enforcement operations.
• Provided protective service to high ranking dignitaries and government officials.
• Performed physical security inspections.
• Trained to conduct preliminary investigations into UCMJ violations.
• Organized and train security force personnel.
• Participated in crime prevention programs.
• Trained to operate brigs (military jails).
• Performed weapons and funds escorts.

U.S. Navy Active Duty 2006-2011
Gunner's Mate 2nd Class Petty Officer

As a gunner's mate, I was responsible for the operation and maintenance of all guided missile launching systems, gun mounts and other ordnance equipment, as well as small arms and magazines. I worked with electrical and electronic circuitry; mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Specific duties I performed are listed below:
• Trained and supervised crews in the use of all types of ordnance equipment, from large cal­iber weapons and missile systems to small arms
• Stowed, secured, requisitioned, and reclassified explosives
• Operated and maintained the magazine flooding and sprinkling systems
• Repaired, maintained, tested and calibrated ordnance equipment
• Operated optical scanning and marking devices to label, identify and report explosives' uti­lization I expenditure.
• Visit Board Search and Seizure operations

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) 2004-2006
Transportation Security Officer

As a TSA transportation security officer, I controlled and monitored entry and exit points into secured airport locations, such as tarmacs, terminals, airside gates, baggage claim and other common areas.
I also provided security for passengers, aircraft and airports.
As an employee of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security I was directly responsible for front-line passenger and baggage screening. Specific duties included examining baggage as it ran through X-ray machines and screening passengers with a hand-held wand, walk-through detectors and other electronic detectors.

AGENT Israel H.
Private Investigator
Experience: Narcotics Detective
San Diego Police Department - San Diego, CA August 2015 to Present

I participated and/or conducted over 500 investigations involving possession and/or possession for sales of controlled substance. I prepared numerous search warrants and served them in tactical operations. Job included consider surveillance from an unmarked unit. Working in an undercover capacity purchasing narcotics. Prepares detail reports and testifies in Superior Court reference those cases. I also testified as a Court Expert for controlled substances.

Criminal Intelligence Unit
San Diego Police Department - San Diego, CA June 2006 to August 2014

Gather intelligence on disruptive groups i.e. Out Law Motorcycle Gangs, and Anarchy groups. Infiltrate these groups and gather evidence of future crimes and past crimes including murder.

Auto Theft Investigator
Regional Auto Theft Task Force - San Diego, CA August 1999 to June 2006

Trained in identifying stolen vehicles by checking the Vehicle Identification Number {VIN). Locating
VIN switch vehicle imported from Mexico. Conducting surveillance on auto theft organization operating from auto shop. Preparing and serving search warrants. Interviewing victims and suspects and preparing detail reports. Investigating Insurance Fraud claims. Testifying in Superior Court .

Traffic Investigator
San Diego Police Department - San Diego, CA September 1995 to October 1997

Investigated serious to fatal vehicular accident. Preparing detail reports including diagrams of the accident. Investigating felony DUI cases and hit and run. Attending autopsy and collecting evidence. Finally preparing detail reports and presenting them to the District Attorney's Office for prosecution.

Neighborhood Policing Team
San Diego Police Department - San Diego, CA
May 1994 to September 1995

Worked in a Uniform Capacity targeting street gangs. Working with the Community in identifying problem areas dealing with gangs, narcotics, auto-thefts and burglaries. Preparing detail reports for the District Attorney's Office.

D.A. R. E
San Diego Police Department - San Diego, CA April 1992 to April 1994

Instruct Fifth and Sixth graders in ways how to say "No" to drugs. Taught 26 curriculum on ways to stay away from drugs.

Police Officer
San Diego Police Department - San Diego, CA August 1988 to April 1992

Uniform patrol duties. Responsible for patrolling assigned areas. Responsible for responding to radio calls involving domestic violence, gang violence, burglaries, robbery etc. Prepare detail reports, conduct investigations and collect evidence

Degrees: Bachelor's of Science
National University

Diplomas: Associates in Paralegal Studies
Training/Cert: PC832, PC1299, Active Shooter (DHS), Human Resources Mgmt., Weaponless Defense, Use of Force, and Interview/Investigation Techniques.
Special Skills: • Proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel. Prepare tactical Operation Plans. Type in excess of 60 words a minute.
• Intelligence Experience
• Law Enforcement
• Security
• Surveillance
• Delivery Driver Experience
• Negotiation
• Driving

Branch: Navy
Service Country: United States
Rank: Petty Officer Third Class December 1982 to December 1986

I was a Yeoman in the U.S.Navy. My responsibility was to type detail reports for the Executive Officer of the U.S.S. Kitty Hawk CV-63. Reports dealing with the daily operations of the day. Preparing memorandums for other Department Heads.


Commanding Officer's Citation
January 1989

Officer H is commended for his initiative and teamwork in the apprehension of three armed and extremely dangerous career criminals.

Commanding Officer's Citation
November 1990

On October 4, 1990 having knowledge of an unsolved murder, Officer H arrested a suspect with cocaine and a .380 semi-automatic handgun. Through H' efforts information was obtained that lead to the arrest of the murder suspect.

Commanding Officer's Citation
March 1994

On March 1994 H responded to a Domestic Violence call. When the suspect was contacted the suspect produced an assault weapon and fired several rounds at you. After an exchange of gun fire H maintained his professionalism and calm and began a dialogue with the suspect.
His to be commended for calm under fire, professionalism, and courage .

Commanding Officer's Citation
January 1995

From August 1, 1994 to December 25, 1995 Members of the Neighborhood Policing Team have devised and carried out many operations and community functions. During this time Officer H has helped the team in developing and executing over twelve action plans. Officer H is to be commended for his team work, community involvement and planning skill s.

Commanding Officer's Citation
January 1998

On May 8, 1997,the Special Investigative Unit began operating an undercover storefront. Detective H was selected for the operation. Through his investigative and interpersonal skills he was able to gain confidence of those who entered the storefront. Detective H and Officer E successfully negotiated the purchase of approximately $150,000 worth of stolen property. H is to be commended for his dedication, job knowledge, interpersonal skills and undercover ability.

Commanding Officer's Citation
March 1999

On February 19, 1999, Detective S and H responded to a fatal police pursuit. Due to the nature of the incident, the scene was complex, involving many items of evidence. Detective

H worked non-stop until the case was submitted in complete form to the District Attorney's Off ice . The suspect was subsequently charged and convicted for murder, robbery, and felony evading involving a death.

Commanding Officer's Citation
March 2006

In December of 2005, while assigned to the Regional Auto Theft Task Force. Detective H carefully planned the purchase and coordination of a stolen motorcycle. During his investigation

H obtained a search warrant subsequently leading to the arrest of two felony suspect and a sawed off shotgun. H was commended for his outstanding investigative skill. His ability to organize and secure the cooperation of other agencies.

Commanding Officer's Citation
April 2010

In March of 2009 while assigned to the Criminal Intelligence Unit Detective H worked Operation "Lost Shepard." Operation involved individuals trafficking firearms into Mexico from the United States. During the ten month investigation Detective H was responsible for the control and safety of the Confidential Informant. During the course of the investigation nine arrests were made. Twenty-one firearms were purchased. Detective H is commended for his expertise, courage and willingness to put his life on hold for the benefit of the team.