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“Fugitive Recovery Services by Private Investigators yield recovery rates beyond our competitors.”

Fugitive Warrants has a long history of providing assistance Fugitive Recovery expertise to other corporate, federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies in support of their fugitive recovery investigations. 

Fugitive Warrants is the lead agency for inter-agency fugitive task forces located throughout the United States, as well as seven regional fugitive task forces.  These task forces, staffed by private investigators, as well as retired federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, target the most dangerous fugitives. Become a Member and Get Exclusive Offers!


Enrollment And Payments

Enrollment And Pay

Pre-Trial Supervision

Community Contacts With Defendants

  • Face to Face Contact
  • In Office Contact
  • Cell Phone App Contact

Compliance Checks

Unannounced Visits To Verify Information

  • Unannounced Home Visit
  • Bail Application Updates
  • Bail Term & Condition Compliance Check


GPS Services Agents To Monitor Bail Compliance

  • Home/Jail/Workplace Installation
  • Tamper Response Teams
  • 24/7 Live Operator Monitoring

 These are highly intrusive forms of bail supervision in which the offender is very closely monitored. It is common for violent criminals, gang members, habitual offenders, and sex offenders to be supervised at this level. Some may be subject to unannounced home or workplace visits, surveillance, and the use of electronic monitoring or satellite tracking.

About Us

Our Cause

Fugitive Warrants is a California Corporation Dedicated To Reducing Crime, Easing Public Tensions, Protecting Civil Rights, and Lessening The Burdens On Government

Our Mission

We, the members of Fugitive Warrants are committed to excellence in public safety and are dedicated to the people, traditions and diversity of our State. In order to protect life and property, prevent crime and reduce the fear of crime, we will provide service with understanding, response with compassion, performance with integrity and public safety with vision.

Our Statement of Values

These values guide the operation of Fugitive Warrants and the conduct of its members. These are our fundamental beliefs from which our agency sets policy, delivers services and implements programs. Values set standards for our members in executing their public safety duties. These values guide our actions.