GPS Supervision Of Bailees. We Will Install, Monitor, And Respond To Your Needs 24/7.

Want Someone On A GPS Supervision?

  • We meet the Bailee at any jail, office, residence to install the bracelet.
  • We will wait at the jail until they are released!
  • We will obtain a photograph of the Bailee and a Complete Comprehensive Application for Participation in GPS.

Why Are We The Best?

  • We Use An Offsite Monitoring Center by TrackGroup.
  • Live Monitoring 24/7!
  • Establish Zones For Approved Areas & To Make Sure They Appear At Court.
  • We Provide Phone Check-In’s of All Monitored People Capturing GPS Coordinates and Pictures

Alert Responders:

  • Dispatch A Responder To The Location
  • Sound Alert To Notify Offender Of Alert
  • Require Offender To Do A Mobile Check-In With Photograph
  • Contact Indemnitor To Alert Them Of the Tamper
  • If There Is A Confirmed Tamper We Will Return Offender To Custody
  • If No Tamper, We Will Replace The Monitor To Prevent Recurrences.