Pre Trial Compliance Team

Anyone released from jail who had been incarcerated for a felony or misdemeanor and currently on bail is now the responsibility of a bail bondsman. Based on this enormous responsibility, bail agents take very serious, the offenders compliance with terms and conditions with bail. Fugitive Warrants has developed a plan, the Bail Compliance Unit to monitor this new classification of offenders, known as pre-trial offenders.

Enforcement Efforts

In order to safely and responsibly cover the more than 56,000 square miles of Southern California, and monitor offenders who have been released from custody; Fugitive Warrants created three Bail Compliance Teams. Each team is assigned to a specific geographical area within the Southern California area, and is responsible for assisting the Bail Bondsman with the monitoring of offenders. Each Team works closely with the Law Enforcement Officers assigned to their area, by providing proactive identification, conducting compliance checks, and apprehending offenders who have absconded from their bail release. Each offender contacted during a compliance check has a “face-to-face” meeting with a Bail Compliance Team member who verifies
they are abiding by the terms and conditions of their Community Supervision. Those who have been identified as a “significant risk to the community,” are subject to additional monitoring.

Common Criteria For Compliance Referral

Failure to Report

Unreported Change in Address/Phone/Email

Unresponsive to Attempts to Contact

Change in Circumstances From Time of Release