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Tulare woman released on $0 bail, reoffends days later

A Tulare woman was arraigned last week on a theft charge after having been released from custody on $0 bail as part of the judicial branch’s emergency orders concerning COVID-19.

Nikki Gonzales, age 32, was arrested on May 5 after allegedly stealing items at a Tulare drugstore. In 2020 alone, Gonzales has been charged with 12 separate misdemeanor cases, which include charges for possession of stolen property, petty theft, trespassing, shoplifting, resisting/delaying arrest, under the influence of narcotics, drunk in public and looting. Gonzales was granted $0 bail under the Emergency Bail Schedule having been released on three separate occasions prior to arrest on the latest charges. She was last released on April 29th, 2020, before being arrested less than a week later on May 5th, 2020.

On May 7, she was arraigned on a new misdemeanor charge of looting. She pleaded not guilty. In total, Gonzales has 14 open criminal cases including the recent misdemeanor charge. Her most serious case alleges two felony counts of bringing both drugs and weapons into the jail.

Her next court date is May 26, 2020, to set a preliminary hearing on her felony case.